Does Google Still Understand The Term Less is More?

One of my biggest question is “Does Google Still Understand the term less is more?”. 

If you notice today, most blog posts contain lengthy articles which is good but kinda annoying. These articles were made to be search engine friendly and to make you stay longer thus why Reddit and Quora has been gaining significant boost in popularity because on those site you get direct to the point answer.

When you search on Google for a specific interest or particular thing, let us say your looking for “How to fry egg”, you will be provided with immediate results and once you click one of these results, boom, that is where you will either be amaze or annoyed and why did I say that?

The reason is the content of the article on “how to fry egg” would be discussed in a general manner or lengthy way e.g. different ways to fry an egg, how to make a perfect egg, do’s and don’t on egg, etc, but I just want to know how fry an egg? Why don’t I just skip reading the other section and scan the article for the step to fry the egg? Because its troublesome to search again after you searched.

My point is that articles now is made longer and to be loved by Google and there is nothing wrong with that, but I think that short article can be helpful as lengthy ones. You can even write an instruction on how to fry egg and it would only take less than 100 words including a simple description.

But does google think less than 100 words is acceptable? I wonder.

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