Flaming In Public Would Just Make You Look Bad

Today I encounter two group member in facebook flaming one another(the employer and the freelancer) because of the project they did. They were posting screenshot to show evidence claiming who is the douche between them. To me, it just made them both look like a douche.

The main issue there was the employer didn’t pay the freelancer claimed by the freelancer so he deleted his website pages while the employer claimed that it was not completed that is why he didn’t pay the freelancer. Long story short, flaming each other in a group or anywhere online is just a sign of immaturity, “no gains, all waste”. You will not only make yourself look bad, you would also get less trust from the group or people around you.

If your employer didn’t pay you for the work you did, move on and focus on your next client. Also, no matter what, it is very unprofessional to delete or destroy the project you didn’t do because the employer didn’t pay you. You can avoid this issue by requiring your client to pay an upfront fee or by milestone agreement before you start any working with him. If your client is willing to commit and trust you, he would be willing to pay an upfront fee and take risk. Now as a freelancer, if the client committed and trusted you, you should return the favor and do your best to meet his expectation because it is not easy for a client or generally to anyone to commit and trust a person they don’t even know.

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