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My name is Jefrey Landicho, I worked as a freelancer who live in a rural town called Tupi, South Cotabato in the Philippines. We are under a Pre-Lockdown due to NCOV-19-corona virus for 30 Days.

While on Pre-Lockdown, curfew is implemented and transportation is severely limited affecting the livelihood of tricycle drivers, farmers and small businesses that sells farm products.

Most of the people in our community are farmers and drivers who rely on daily earning to live by.

When I look into their sad eyes, my heart aches so much it becomes too unbearable for me, because I know how live by in a daily earning, I was like that for so many years but because of this uneventful event, living in daily earning is getting harder and harder for them.

I want to help them and ease their burden even in the smallest way I could. I know we are all suffering but if you can just spare a change for the people of my community, I would be forever thankful to you.

We are looking to create a food & hygiene pack that would be distributed to our fellow ‘Kababayan’ and/or community. The food & hygiene pack would cost around $16.80 each that would fed a family of 5 in one whole week. Our goal is to help f 100 families in our community.

Below are the lists and breakdown that would be included in the food & hygiene pack that we are going to make.

  1. 5kg of Rice – $4.50
  2. 5 Gallon of Water $3.80 (including container)
  3. 6pcs of 80gm Instant Noodles – $1.00
  4. 6pcs Canned Goods – $2.50
  5. 1x3pcs pack Soap – $1.70
  6. 1Liter of Bleach $0.80
  7. 1x5pcs Pack Cloth Mask $2.50

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