Is Your WordPress Site Complaint With GDPR Law?

General Data Protection Regulation or GDPR Law will start on May 25,2018 and to avoid any issue with the GDPR law, it is highly suggested that you make sure your website is GDPR complaint. GDPR law is only applicable to website that collects data from people based on Europe or people who are from Europe but outside of Europe or any citizen from Europe. If your website does not collect any data, you can safely ignore the GDPR law however if your WordPress website collects data which I believe it does, then I recommend that you make your WordPress website GDPR complaint.

To make your WordPress GDPR complaint, I recommend using the GDPR plugin by Trew Knowledge which serve as a guide to make your site GDPR complaint. Note that this plugin is not a plug and play plugin that once you install it, it would automatically make your site GDPR compliant, it is not like that at all. I recommend you look at there knowledge based as well as it provide detail guide on how to use their plugin.

WordPress latest version 4.9.6 also include tools that can help your site to be GDPR complaint and it is also recommend that you update your site to the most recent version. You can read more about it in WordPress News blog.

If you are running a WordPress website with Woocommerce, it will take more than using a plugin to make it GDPR complaint. Feel free to contact me to help you make your WordPress website GDPR complaint.



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