Launching My Own Brand

I have been working on a new service for months that hopefully I can launch it before the end of the month of May or June 2018. I am in the phase in completing my landing page and I am really excited how this service will help hundred of gurus who want to increase their revenue. I intend to limit the service I am offering to maybe a hundred or less since I want to provide the best customer support ever to those who will avail my service.

Why I Want to Limit the Number of Customer?

For the past  eight years I have been working online , I have personally experienced what crappy and good customer support is and saw the difference it makes to you whether you will stick with the service or product or not. I have seen companies grows rapidly because they provide good customer  at first and the quality just get worst as they grow. I want to avoid that as much as possible and if my service grows, I want my customer to always says, “Your customer support is the best”.


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