Screencastify Is Probably The Easiest Tool To Create Video Course

One day something struck me and so I  decided to create an online course that would teach how to make or earn money online through freelancing and affiliate marketing. My first issue was how am I supposed to create my video course. I did some research and  spent a lot of time watching, testing free and paid trial  desktop recording tools and I guess the best tool I have found is called Screencastify.

Screencastify have the features that I exactly needed. It  allows you to shoot your desktop screen while filming yourself with a webcam or camera at the same time. Screencastify has some great options too, like it let you select which microphone or camera you want to use, enables you to do a mouse focus  and the best feature that I like is, it is very easy to use. It is also not bulky like other video recorder meaning there isn’t much extras that you would likely not use anyway.

Screencastify offers two plans,  free and paid version. The free version is pretty decent and good enough if you just want to do some testing  but I would highly recommend that you get there premium version since it will only cost you $2 a month or $24 annually which I think is worth the money. The reason is the paid version of Screencastify  doesn’t include a watermark which make the video look more professional, it allows you to crop or cut the video and save the video file in an MP4 format which is the most recognized video/audio format.

Check Out How Screencastify Works

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