SiteGround Web Hosting Real Experience Review

If you run a search in Google, you will see a bunch of web hosting review which is based on research than personal experience. Most of the web hosting review I encountered will tell you good things but rarely tell you what is bad since most review promote the host they reviewed.

Today I am going to provide a not very detailed review.

So I worked with a client and we decided to use SiteGround  since we read a lot of good web hosting review. I would have to admit that SiteGround customer support is better than I expected however that is the only thing that is good with SiteGround. If I were to rate SiteGround customer support it would be 4/5 and the reason I didn’t give it five star is because I am unsatisfied with the answer we had when we raised a ticket.

The ticket we raised on SiteGround customer support is regarding the time to time downtime we are experiencing. We were using there Cloud VPS Hosting with 6 core + 8 core auto scale enabled with 6GB RAM  and we still experience frequent downtime. We also experience a very weird behavior that our server were getting a very high server load at a certain time even if the traffic is lower. We think that this could be the probable cause of the downtime.

I have never experienced a spike or server load that high on the other hosting I worked with and it is abnormally very high and according to them, we are not being attacked by anyone and suggested to update our account again. We have repeatedly upgraded our account but it doesn’t help at out. We are glad we are still under the 30 Day Money Back to do a refund.

Anyway, we were able to fixed the downtime issue by migrating to another server called A2H. My current  website is hosted with IMH but looking at A2H, it seems to offer better pricing and almost the same resources. I would recommend you get IMH and A2H  if your website is complex e.g. ecommerce, membership.

But if your looking for a cheap hosting, I would recommend Bluehost , which is a good hosting for basic website such as blog and/or informational website. As much I would love to recommend Siteground because of there customer support, I would say it’s better that you stay away until there server become more reliable.




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