Web Synthesis is a Hosting that you will either Hate or Love

I have been working on a live website update and  unfortunately it uses Web Synthesis hosting by CopyBlogger as my update requires me to create a multiple subdomain which Web Synthesis doesn’t allow.  The problem with Web Synthesis is the flexibility part as when you compare it to the other product they have (Studiopress Genesis Framework), it is the exact opposite at it offers total flexibility. With Web Synthesis, you are not allowed to create a subdomain  or local email account and there is a lot more that you can’t do compare to a normal hosting.  The other thing I hate about Web Synthesis is that every domain your add to there host will cost you money aside from the domain purchase that you will do.

On a positive note, Web Synthesis  is fast and the extra feature that a WordPress website would need is preconfigured. e.g. cache, security, etc.  Web Synthesis is a good hosting for WordPress website that are purely informational and are more likely built for non technical user who wants to focus on content rather than work on the technical side.

I would definitely recommend it for non technical user or marketers who wants to launch website with ease but wouldn’t recommend it if you plan to launch website that would require flexibility and scalability e.g. online store, membership site. etc.  Web Synthesis do offer hosting plan for ecommerce and membership type of website but with the same restriction, you best avoid it and just go with a normal hosting.

Reason I Love It

  • Fast Server
  • Easy of Use
  • Content Focused

Reason I Hate It

  • Expensive
  • Lack Flexibility & Scalability
  • No Live Chat Support

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