Zapier is For Lazy People Like Me

One of the best platform I have used is called Zap from Zapier. What Zapier does is basically save your time in doing integration though you can do this through coding, you can simply use Zapier to do this for you with ease. For a small price to pay(can be paid annually or monttly), Zapier let’s you do integration in multiple platform. For example, you needed to collect data
from ClickFunnel and send that data to your Google Sheet and MailChimp Account. If you do that through coding, you would spend a lot of time doing it and you must also be quite technical and need to know how to work with API or Application Program Interface.

With Zapier, you can create integration with minimal skills since it doesn’t require for you to know any programming knowledge at all to create an application integration. You can check their website at to learn more about there pricing. Zapier also offer free plans and paid trial plan for two weeks.

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